What May Lead to Migraine Headaches?

Headaches, Migraines, Headache, Migraine, Blood FlowThere are some fascinating facts about migraine headaches that not everyone may realize. Approximately twenty-eight million Americans suffer from migraines. By age fifteen, five percent of people have had a migraine headache. This percentage increases with age. However, the cause of migraines remains a mystery.

Research has revealed that there are external factors that may contribute to migraine pain. These are called triggers. By realizing what these triggers are, some people have been able to avoid experiencing as many migraines. What are some of the major triggers?

  • Caffeine: Too much or too little can be a trigger. If a person is addicted, they may get a migraine if they do not have their daily dose of caffeine. The body will react if there is not enough caffeine in the blood stream. The same can be true if it is overdone and too much caffeine is present.
  • Food Allergies: Chemical preservatives can trigger migraines in up to 30% of people. Things such as aged cheeses, MSG, aspartame, alcohol, luncheon meats, pepperoni, and hot dogs can all be a problem for some migraine sufferers.
  • Stress: This releases chemicals into the brain that causes a vascular response because our bodies go into defensive mode. This also occurs when outside invaders try to get into the body.

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Finding Natural Relief in Hendersonville, NC

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a specific type of chiropractic that has had much success in treating migraine sufferers. We do not twist, pop, or crack the spine. Rather, we focus on restoring the brain’s ability to communicate properly with the body.

A small misalignment, only ¼ of a millimeter, in the bones of the upper vertebrae can place undue pressure on the brainstem. This affects the body’s communication system. When we find these misalignments, we can work with our patients to develop a treatment plan to correct this problem. This restores communication in the body and allows healing to begin. Many patients have reported a significant reduction in headaches, with some going into total remission of migraine symptoms.

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