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headache_girl_at_homeChronic Headaches in Hendersonville North Carolina

Anyone with chronic headaches knows how hard it can make living day to day. You never know when or how bad the next one will be and it affects everything you do. There are so many different diagnoses and treatment options that it can be a huge challenge to make sense of it all, especially when suffering through an episode.

What we know:

Authorities have documented that the brain stem (the part of the brain that exits the skull into the upper neck and connects to the rest of the body) is one of the main causes for headaches.1-3

  • When certain pathways and centers in the brain become affected it has negative effects on the blood flow and neurology.
  • Headache pain is specifically linked to the lack of proper oxygen to the brain.
  • The brainstem can be injured due to the biomechanical instability of the upper cervical spine.
  • Misalignments in the C1/C2 vertebra (in the upper neck) affect both the neurology and blood flow to the brain.

What to do:

There are so many different treatment options from essential oils, light therapy, powerful pharmaceuticals and even surgery. It is difficult to choose the right method or the one that has the highest chance of relief without any side effects.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors (upper neck specialists) use specialized tools and testing to determine the presence of a misalignment/vertebral subluxation is the underlying cause of the headaches. Once the presence of the misalignment/vertebral subluxation is confirmed, specialized x-rays are taken for a specific adjustment. The precise adjustment is given only when needed to return the proper alignment of the upper neck which restores brain function, blood flow, and neurology. Once this is restored healing process begins.

In a study of 101 patients (57 tension headaches, 37 migraines, 6 sinus headaches, 1 cluster headache) with chronic headaches/migraines, 87 patients had injuries to the upper neck. All cases received Upper Cervical Chiropractic care and 85 patients had total resolution of headaches in 1-8 months and 12 patients saw vast improvements and reduction in headache frequency.4

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